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The Hope Indoor Eden Garden is a home hydroponic garden. No soil. Your plants grow in water using the same method as NASA on the International Space Station. They grow faster and with less water and far less work than if you grew them outside. You simply drop in seeds and watch them grow.


What It Is? And How It Works.

1. The easiest, best, most beautiful hydroponics garden for your home that delivers a full harvest.

2. Grow fruits and vegetables year-round with no herbicides, pesticides, or preservatives, for less than the cost of produce at the store. The Hope Eden Indoor Garden is less than half the price of any comparable hydroponic kit on the market.

3. Truly an "anyone can succeed" hydroponics system; no green thumb required! Just fill it up, drop your seeds, plug it in, and watch
your plants grow.

4. Eliminates the need for transplanting, which can easily damage plants before they've had a chance to grow, and requires less than 15 minutes of maintenance per month.

What Everyone Is Saying

Simple, plug & play, effective indoor garden
that fits your lifestyle

Meet The Hope Indoor Eden Garden from Hope Innovations.

  • The farm-to-table experience in your home or apartment, year round

  • So easy to use!

  • Beautiful and stylish

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The Most Affordable and Efficient Hydroponic System for Your Home or Apartment.

  • 40% more efficient than gardening in soil

  • Less than half the price of comparable hydroponic systems

  • Up to 3x the yield of soil farming, and 20x less water use

Cutting Edge Design – There’s No Way to Screw It Up!

  • No transplanting like other systems, so no chance to damage fragile roots

  • Just 15 minutes of maintenance per month

  • Ideal spectrum lighting


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