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Switcheels: Shoes transform from flats to high heels in seconds


Switcheels shoes add comfort and style to any occasion. The heels clip on and off, and are available in different colors and styles. Thanks to an innovative function, the height adjustment, Switcheels shoes are the perfect companion for the whole day. The heels can be variably exchanged in height, shape and color and stored effortlessly in every handbag. Depending on the mood, the look, comfort and style can be changed.

The biggest reason to back the Switcheels is …

Theres no need to carry an extra pair of shoes to switch into.

Switch heels instead! 

Easily the best product of 2018, Switcheels is genius!


The Idea

The Switcheels story begins with inventor Brad Alan and his wife noticing a problem that women were experiencing. At the end of a wedding reception, all the women were walking barefoot holding their shoes. Brad thought, "there has to be a better way..."

As an architect by trade, he used his skills to begin developing an intricate and seamless locking mechanism for a removable heel.

The Journey

Starting from a drawing on a napkin, the idea sprung into numerous prototypes and tireless nights. Brad and his daughter attended shows to showcase his patent pending shoe concept. 

The wow-factor at these shows proved to  Brad he was on to something big. This motivated him to continue perfecting his shoes and working towards a final the product.

With new and exciting opportunities on the horizon, Brad created Switcheels INC and elected his daughter CEO as it was his dream to leave her a lasting legacy. 

The Future

Currently, Switcheels are in the prototyping stages. We want to revolutionize the way we buy and sell high heels. We have the technology we just need to master the design.

Women deserve to look and feel beautiful and comfortable at the same time. With your support we can make this dream a reality!