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Shellback Smartphone Safe: The world’s only way to completely eliminate distracted driving and prevent fatal accidents


The Smart Phone Safe was created for one reason – to prevent accidents associated with distracted driving. The SPS was designed with the fleet manager, safety director, employer, parent, and safe driver in mind. It works by completely removing the phone from the driver’s sight.  It tracks, confirms, and reports that the driver is compliant. With the ability to confirm that the phone is securely out of sight, and with real time reporting of vehicle movement, the SPS provides valuable data to ensure the safety of your driver(s) and the ability to make proactive decisions before an accident occurs.

The biggest reason to back Shellback is …

BECAUSE this device will save lives

Easily the best product of 2018, Shellback is genius!


What is a Smartphone Safe?

The Smart Phone Safe secures the phone out of sight in an intelligent case with embedded technology that confirms and reports phone location and status.

Most distracted driving solutions today focus on the car or the driver or specific apps.  The Smart Phone Safe has one singular focus – the phone.  It is the only solution that secures the phone out of sight and eliminates the possibility of distraction.

The world’s only fool proof way to eliminate distracted driving due to smart phone usage – the Smart Phone Safe syncs with your phone and tracks when it is stored out of sight while driving.  It sends real time notifications whenever the phone is removed from the case while driving.