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Perfect Cup French Pull: reverse design of the French press

“The best product of 2018, the perfect coffee brewer!”

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What makes the Perfect Cup French Pull unique is... that it gives you French Press style coffee with the added benefit of maintaining the temperature perfectly. The patented filter and pulling design allows for the steeping process to stop completely, as you cleanly remove the grounds and additional residue. No more mess! Perfect coffee for up to 60 minutes!

The biggest reason to back Perfect Cup is …

the robust flavors it pulls from the grounded coffee beans.

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How Does It Work?

  • Begin with adding water to the steam unit base. Place the steam guide bracket on topand twist the dial clockwise as far as it goes. The unit will begin heating the water and creating steam. The bracket fits the carafe perfectly, allowing just enough space for the steam to escape. The escaping steam maintains the temperature of the coffee inside the carafe. The last cup tastes as good as the first!

  • Set the mesh filter and pull rod into the bottom of the carafe. Ensure that the filter rests firmly on the bottom. This filtration method allows clean and easy removal of the coffee grounds after steeping. Pour your selected ground coffee on top of the filter inside the carafe. Next add hot water and allow the grounds to steep for 4 to 5 minutes, depending on desired flavor. The paddle at the bottom of the push rod easily turns, stirring the grounds for even steeping.

  • Once the steeping process is complete the grounds need to be removed. Lift up on the pull rod until the filter locks into place. Remove the brewing lid with the grounds inside. Empty these grounds with a simple tap of the filter and a quick rinse. Remove the pull rod from the brewing lid and place the lid back onto the carafe.

  • Take a moment, and enjoy that perfect cup of coffee.


Enjoy perfection cup after cup!