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Welcome the modern laundry organization tool: Laundry Butler




Welcome the modern laundry organization tool:

Laundry Butler

The Laundry Butler isn't designed to replace your clothes dryer, but to compliment the process of laundry day by eliminating the clutter of flat drying.

Laundry Butler provides an easier and more organized way to air-dry and are designed specifically to support wet garments while achieving the best results after the drying is complete.

In fact, this system provides more than 3 times the support of standard hangers, which now means you can hang the garments that usually require flat drying without causing them to disfigure or lose their shape. This method also creates more airflow around the garment for much faster drying without having to come back and flip it to the other side.

With today's way of doing things most products are designed to meet a specific price point.

This may mean cutting corners in quality.




How it works

1. After the washing machine spin cycle take the garment and run the telescoping arms down each sleeve.

2. Connect each arm into the center connector and hang the garment on the over-the-door hook.

3. Standard Reshape Drying Rack only - telescope  the arm for the correct sleeve length and then adjust sleeve to fit.

4. Finish by holding each side and lightly pulling out and down. This will give you a shaped and smooth result.