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Jolly Golf: Tutor to improve your short game definitely

“The best golf product of 2018, the perfect tool to help your game!”


JOLLY GOLF is a tutor aid which, connected to golf club, allows you to practice the most sensitive stages of the game. It leads you to perform a more linear swing, hit the ball solid in pitching and acquire precision in chipping and putting. It is an aluminum object with a beautiful design, to have in your bag at all times.

The biggest reason to back Jolly Cup is …

 gives the proper guidelines to Your muscular memory


Perfect your short game with JollyGolf.

Short Swings Work: Why start with your short swing game? If you're new to the sport of golf, there's a sure way to perfect your technique while bringing competitive fun to the green. Establish and perfect your short swing/chipping performance with JollyGolf. 

Pitching: JollyGolf can be used with clubs already in your bag. From mid-irons to wedges, JollyGolf allows you to position the clubs with a delofted angle of attack on the ball, so you can simulate specific strokes. As with chipping, it force for proper use of shoulder rotation, because of the limited use of the wrists.
Chipping: Using JollyGolf during chipping shots makes it perfectly clear how to perform one of the most difficult and important shots in the game of golf. Wist action greatly increases the difficulty of a swing and increases the risk of being inconsistent, but JollyGolf eliminates this factor.
Putting: Using JollyGolf on the green greatly improves the precision of your movement, and consequently, the contact that you have with the ball. To practice with JollyGolf means to control your wrists at all times, rotating your shoulders properly, and getting the ideal feel of how to best impact the ball for every distance. JollyGolf is compatible with all putters, including jumbo grip ones, but not belly putters.

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