Belfort Watch: Designed and Assembled in the United States 🇺🇸


“The Most Luxurious Watch of 2018, the perfect accessory for wrist!”

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Belfort is unlike any watch you’ve ever seen. Influenced by architectural design and crafted with an array of fine textures, Belfort is luxury-inspired but not luxury-burdened. It’s a high quality, highly advanced piece of technology that you’ll feel good about having on your wrist.

The biggest reason to back Belfort Watch is …

 Every man needs A CLASSIC WATCH for his wrist

Untitled Design (25).jpg

Hand-assembled, multi-layered timepieces. Automatic Movement. Domed Sapphire Glass. 316L Stainless Steel. All without the markup

The Luxury Markup Problem -Current luxury brands don’t innovate much, but just mark up their rehashed molds.

The Way It Should Be- Belfort is in a category all its own. Not only do we give you the best time-keeping, materials, and unique design. But each watch is hand-assembled and multi-layered with complexity and detail. All this without the markup and at a ridiculously fair price.

There’s a ton of advanced engineering packed into Belfort’s tiny package.  A multi-layer complex dial and ultra-precise automatic movement means everything runs according to schedule. The 316L stainless steel case and back and domed sapphire crystal are hardened proof that Belfort was built to last.

Devil’s in the details - With Belfort, nothing happened accidentally. Every component was carefully designed and innovated to painstaking perfection. No corners were cut here.

Stands out in a crowd -Today’s watches look like they’re all part of the same uniform with a plug and play minimalist design. Belfort, on the other hand, has a unique POV that makes it a next-level classic. People will be asking where you got it.