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Being Satori Circus: Is this comedy? Is this real? Is this a study in a subculture? Does it matter?

Being Satori Circus’ is an exciting new documentary film-in pre production- which seeks to recall a dream by using interwoven storylines to a different reality. The film explores and stars the character of Detroit’s own legendary performance artist: Satori Circus. This happens through a staged live performance, silent film and interviews of his collaborators and fans, this is an exploration into the artistry of what is an emerging movement yet, one ironically that continues to flourish for nearly 30 years now. This will be the first full-length feature documentary on this enigmatic performer, a door unlocked with the key of imagination

The biggest reason to back the DOC is …


Easily the best documentary of 2018, Being Satori Circus is genius!


Utilizing various forms, Satori Circus is difficult to pigeonhole. Is this comedy? Is this real? Is this a study in a subculture?  Does it matter? With vivid visuals, original musical numbers tumble out, as Satori Circus combines cabaret, stream of consciousness Brechtian theatre, vaudeville, spoken word, silent film, drag, German Weimar Republic Theatre and mime to mimic to create a new Avant-garde from his magic bag of cosmic grey matter. This will be a surrealistic tap dance tiptoeing on the edge of tomorrow, a fidget for the soul. This film will be a frolic of dreams with soaring vocals over the deep recesses of the human condition.

A unique aspect of the production will be to involve the audience in the exciting staged live show to be filmed at a historic theater venue in Detroit, Michigan.

A consummate collaborator, Satori Circus now opens up to Filmmaker M.L. Finnell to document this slice of life in his world …or does he? Sometimes performances are lost to the obscurity of time and memory. This film seeks to preserve and bring to life Satori ‘Being Satori Circus’ The world wants to know more of Satori Circus; this is a central theme and mission of Finnell’s documentary film.