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Asiento Clean - the modern toilet fitting

Why are we still cleaning our toilets
the same way we did over half a century ago?

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Turn any toilet into a self-cleaning one.

Eliminate the annoying chore of
toilet cleaning from life.

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Welcome the modern toilet fitting: Asiento Clean

Push a button for the Asiento Clean toilet lid fitting to deploy a bristled brush and your choice of cleaning solution. Your bowl gets the most polished look and sanitary environment from this self-cleaning toilet lid addition.

With the simplicity of Asiento Clean, your most despised bathroom chore will soon be nada. 

For the grandparents who have mobility issues, or the mother of two who doesn't have time for this ...  Asiento Clean is for lazy days and ultra busy ones, because we can all get down on a self-cleaning toilet.

Pay the flat cost of an Asiento Clean fitting for your home and eliminate the annoying chore of cleaning toilets from your life.

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Asiento Clean fits your toilet and your lifestyle.


How it works

Fitting the Asiento Clean lid to your toilet will take about ten minutes. This smart toilet lid is equipped with a revolving built-in brush that moves along a track under the seat. As the brush scrubs your toilet clean, spray nozzles release your choice of cleaning solution for the most sanitary clean. And, for nighttime goers, Asiento Clean illuminates a soft glowing light beneath the lid. All you have left to decide is where to adhere the easy push button controller and the cleaning solution tank - on the side of your toilet, or below it?


The main features of Asiento Clean can operate independently or together.

You have the choice to:

  • Use the scrub brush and release cleaning solution
  • Illuminate a soft glow beneath the lid
  • Do all three simultaneously as you see fit

In a world of automation, why do we continue to clean our toilet bowls by hand?

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